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Pharmacy Services in Toronto

pharmacist giving medicine to a womanFrom the moment you step inside Parkside Pharmacy in Toronto Canada, you’ll experience a level of personal attention unmatched by the larger chains.

Because we’re focused on building relationships with members of the communities in which our pharmacies reside, we’ve built a reputation for going above and beyond our customers’ every expectation.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

Are your blood pressure levels at their best? What do all the numbers mean? Are there non-prescription medications that are better for heart health? What else helps the heart and circulation? For answers to these questions and more, visit us today.

Diabetes Support

Take charge of your diabetes. Parkside Pharmacy can help give you the support and education you need to manage diabetes. That is our promise to you.

INR Monitoring and Management

Did you know our pharmacists can help monitor your INR? Ask us any questions you may have regarding warfarin and INR, because we care!

Compliance Packaging/Blister Packing

Medications work best when taken correctly. We can help you take the right medication, the right dose at the right time with our compliance packing/packaging services.

Medication Flavouring

For those who have a hard time getting over the taste of their medication, we have a solution. We can change the taste of your medication so it goes down easier. Teaspoon of sugar not required!

Methadone Maintenance Therapy

We offer discrete Methadone Maintenance Therapy and support at our location. Please call us for more information.

Smoking Cessation

MyHealth QuitNow is a pharmacist-guided smoking cessation program. We support you throughout the process and can recommend medications, nicotine and non-nicotine solutions to help you quit.

Travel Health

Going on a trip? We provide immunizations, vaccinations and medications to ensure your visit abroad is safe and healthy. We can also build a custom travel kit with motion sickness medications, sunscreen and anything else you may need.

Weight Loss Program

We offer a pharmacist-guided program to help you reach a healthy body weight safely.

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